Tastes of Horehronie

The Horehronie region is varied like a mosaic. Each village stands out due to unique traditions, wealth of the traditional costumes, euphonic dialects and tastes of the dishes, for which recipes are kept throughout generations. Traditional tastes of Horehronie have for years been influenced by the characteristic features of the territory spreading between mountains. Mountain environment may not provide locals many options for growing various sorts of vegetable or fruits, but these people have always made the best use of plants and animals that they grew. Cuisine of Horehronie smells of sauerkraut, potatoes and beans contained in filling soups. It tasted like a festive day peppered by a smell of lamb, beef or pork. It is formable like the dough made from the laboriously grated potatoes and flour with water and salt. Teasing the tongue by the sweetness of “šúľance” and strudel served with poppy seeds or Carnival season doughnuts.

Welcome to the cuisine of Horehronie and prepare together with us 10 dishes from Horehronie villages complemented with interesting facts bound to these dishes.


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