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Cross-country skiing

Horehronie region offers active relax in modern ski resorts as well as great experience of 80 kilometres professionally maintained trails for fans of cross-country skiing during winter. Due to its altitude, the region has perfect conditions for any kind of winter sport from the beginning of winter season till spring.

 In Horehronie, you can enjoy stunning views on majestic Mt. Kráľova hoľa from different cross-country skiing trails around villages Telgárt and Šumiac. Thirteen kilometres long trail from Šumiac will lead you to the iconic 150 year-old wooden barn called „Chamkova stodola“. In Telgárt, you can enjoy cross-country skiing near another iconic monument – Chmarošský viadukt (railway viaduct).

Ski, Golf & Hotel Resort Tále offers visitors a well-maintained cross-country skiing trails directly on its golf course. They are set in a beautiful forest area near the Low Tatras, what ensures good snow conditions during a whole winter season. The trails in the resort are suitable for classic style or skating. The resort also offers possibility of evening cross-country skiing on the one of its trails.

Stunning views on the Low Tatras are also waiting for you at the cross-country skiing area Pohanské located near village Mýto pod Ďumbierom. This area provides about 17 kilometres of professionally maintained trails on endless plains of snowy hills. Moreover, in the area is located an alpine hut called “Dedečkova chata”, where you can make a ski trip.

 In Pohanské, you can also try a trail called „Mýtňanská trasa”, which leads to village Jarabá. In Jarabá you can continue the route by connecting to other trails to Čertovica. Cross-country skiing trails in Čertovica are great for their direct location within the Low Tatras. They are maintained by volunteers from the civic association called Horské spoločenstvo

Horehronie region is also well known for its national biathlon centre in Osrblie, where European and world tournaments in biathlon are held annually. There are two cross-country skiing circuits available for the public.

The region is also a great spot for fans of backcountry skiing. There are several places, which you can visit – f.e. Hrončianska valley near the village Hronec, village Lom and Rimavicou or Sihla. and many others.


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